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VITAMIN TOPPING (Subscription)

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Vitamin Topping is scientifically engineered to boost your meals & drinks. With 30 packets it serves you one month with all necessary vitamins you need on a daily basis. Vitamin Topping is tasteless & easily dissolvable and for everyone above the age of 6 years.


Vitamin Topping is

  • No 1 bestselling vitamin powder for the enrichment of meals & drinks
  • Influences e.g. the immune and nerve function, bone growth, energy storage, and fat metabolism.*
  • Formulated in the USA
  • Best rated with 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • Cruelty free & without additives
  • Vegan & no carb

When choosing our subscription plan, you will save 20% each month. Shipment is automatically, free of hidden fees & you can cancel at anytime!

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our reviews


out of 5 stars user satisfaction


out of 10 customers feel more energetic after one week


of customers use Vitamin Topping daily

4.9/5 rating based on over 100 reviews

  • 9 out of 10 customers feel more energetic after one week
  • 95% of customers use Vitamin Topping daily

HUGE hit!

“The struggle is real to get all the vitamins in your children’s diets these days (especially when you have a picky eater). I decided to try Vitamin Topping and I must say its a HUGE hit with both the 11 year old and the 13 year old. I mix them into their morning cereals. Often also in their juices or chocolates when they come from school. Two thumbs up from all of us.”

So thankful…

“My son is 8 and very picky when it comes to what he likes to eat. It was always difficult for me to get him eat vegetables. Vitamin Topping is perfect for us and I am very happy that I found the product. I am mixing the powder in his milk. For me its perfect in my morning coffee. I noticed a difference in his appetite he’s eating more and I have noticed a hugh difference in his behavior. He seems far more positive and energized. I feel the same. We are on our 4th package now.”

It has become a routine…!

“Finally a product for me. Normally my stomach is rumbling after I have eaten multis. With Vitamin Topping I dont have the problem. Each morning I mix it with my coffee. I placed the package right next the the coffee machine, therefore I dont forget taking it anymore. It has become a routine for me, drinking coffee without vitamins already feels bad. You really got me! Yesterday I mixed it into my mashed potatoes, no different taste! Really love it, already feel more powerful, I think its due to vitamin D.”

Just awesome!

“No flavor, no smell! Easy to mix. Has everything I looked for! High in D, A and B vitamins! Great multi! Always mix it with my coffee in the morning or in my shake after working out. Never forget adding it, as it has become a routine. Drinking coffee without, feels already bad. 5 stars for me!”


Vitamin Topping is Built with Leading Experts in Food Science

In close cooperation with food scientists in the US we have developed a formular which makes it possible to boost meals & drinks with essential vitamins without noticing they are actually in.

Give your Meals & Drinks a Nutritious Boost!

Because everyone gets more and more busy and loses time to cook healthy, we have developed Vitamin Topping with one goal: to give everybody the ability to boost daily dishes & drinks with essential vitamins in order to make them more nutritious!

One Pack Vitamin Topping consists of 30 packets filled with 11 tasteless & easily dissolvable vitamins. Each packed serves everyone above the age of 6 years with 100% of the daily need for Vitamin A, D, Niacin & Biotin and 150% for Vitamin E, B1, B3, B5, B6, B12 & Folic Acid.

Recent studies show that vitamins are best absorbed by the body when taken together with balanced meals & drinks.

Vitamin Topping is formulated in the USA, is vegan, has no sugar, is non GMO, has no gluten, no lactose & is soy free.

Vitamin Topping is easy to mix. Just open one packet per person or child and add it to your favourite meal or drink.

Only the Best Ingredients Available!

Here at Smart Toppings, we strive for maximum safety and the best results. Our products are formulated in the USA and we use only the best ingredients available to ensure an effective product.


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